Curling has an historic connection to Brantford Golf and Country Club, first appearing at the club more than 50 years ago, and remaining a key lure to this day. With some of the finest ice in Ontario, the six-sheet rink is attached to Brantford’s clubhouse, allowing members to utilize what is one of the best facilities of its kind.

Brantford offers curling for everyone, from novices to those interested in competitive leagues. A sport that can be played by everyone in a family regardless of age, Brantford offers mixed curling, a wheelchair program and “light rock” offerings for juniors, ensuring that even elementary-age children can take up this sport of a lifetime.

Brantford’s curling services include instruction, leagues, ice rentals and equipment rentals to guarantee an unrivaled experience. And after the game, members can retire to the pub-like atmosphere of the Stoneview Lounge for a pint and a meal to discuss the nuances of the day.